In the spring of 1961, Peter Jeans read a newspaper article by an Englishman who had travelled overland from London to Perth on a Vespa scooter. This article inspired Peter to embark upon his own journey from Perth to London, travelling overland through Asia and the Middle East on a 350cc Royal Enfield motorcycle from mid-1962 to late-1963

In his book Peter recalls his adventures from this journey, narrating the trials and tribulations of a young man who clearly had a lot to learn about himself and the world. In essence, Peter's story is a chronological account of events and occasionally the reader will meet with digressions from the story to other periods in the writer's life. For the most part however, this story traces faithfully the contours of the journey.

The book features 87 photgraphs and 19 detailed maps.
About Peter
Peter Jeans was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1936. He commenced teacher training in 1956 and later studied English at the University of Western Australia, where he graduated with an Arts degree in 1961. In 1962 Peter resigned from his teaching position and spent the next seven years travelling the world, before coming back to Perth at the end of 1968. Whilst overseas, Peter met and married Judith in 1966. They have two adult children and now live in Bindoon.

Long Road to London is Peter's third book, he is also the author of the much sought after book entitled MY WORD and wrote SHIP TO SHORE, a book on nautical technology