Offline access to digital publications

We now include offline access to your electronic licenses as a feature of digital subscriptions. Feedback from digital subscribers let us know that this would be a great feature for those who need access where internet connection is impossible. Access to your license offline is provided on a lease basis. The length of the lease is up to you, or your licensee if you have shared use.

Access is provided through our viewing software. Once downloaded and installed, the app is accessed via the Rawlinsons folder in your programs/applications list. You can open it up for login once a lease has been assigned to you. All of the same copyright restrictions apply, so printing and copying are not permitted. An offline lease acts as one use of your current licenses and may be revoked by the licensee if another user needs to login. It is recommended that you have a pool of 2 or more licenses for shared use, if you feel that there will be regular offline leasing. Online connectivity is required initially so that your current leases can sync with the viewer. Once they are updated you can access publications offline for the assigned number of days.

Step by step

1. Visit the EPub portal and login with the details provided to you initially
2. Download the latest version of our viewer software (if you haven’t already). This will load Rawlinsons offline viewer app into your programs list
3. Remaining in the online portal, go to ‘My Publications’, those available to view offline will be indicated
4. If no publications show as ‘Available Offline’, contact your licensee for a lease. If you are a licensee, visit ‘Subscription Details’ to assign a lease. Use the button in the ‘Actions’ column for listed users of each publication. The default number of days for lease is 7 but this can be adjusted to suit your needs
5. Launch the app from your programs/applications list and login with the same credentials as used for the online portal, allow it to sync publications. (Web connection needed initially)
6. Available publications will be listed within the app via the publication year dropdown and can be accessed for offline viewing for the assigned number of days or until revoked by a licensee
See the user guide for more detailed instructions

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